From Mike

Our founder and 
Chief Executive Officer


You get what you pay for? 

Many times, like a lot of fake news, some people will say
“You get what you pay for!”
as a statement of fact.

In reality “You get what you pay for?” should be a question instead of a statement.

A good example is TV4Education.

The only educational multimedia solution where no other product or service addresses and claim the following minimum services:-

1. The largest educational multimedia collection (over 180,000 items at June 2021).

2. Teachers can request content on any topic and get a list of videos & lessons to suit.

3. If content is not already available, teachers have up to 60 days to request the program.

4. Teachers can request content from any channel on Foxtel .

5. All content in the TV4Education library are free of all advertisements.

TV4Education is the most affordable, comprehensive, digital content solution.

The correct question you should be asking is
“Why am I paying so much for my current solution? - Especially when it does not offer any of the points above as a minimum!"


Oh, that cheap system!

That’s what our competitors say about TV4Education.

The largest and most affordable, educational content library on the market today. 

In addition, any teacher can request (additional) content on any topic or from any upcoming TV or Foxtel broadcast.

We consider that a compliment!

Why not try and compare, then question why they charge so much for so little.

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