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Manage your school's resources with SmartSuite Library Management, designed to efficiently handle both physical and digital assets. Combined with TV4Education video resources, you gain immediate access to over 150,000 items, significantly expanding your school's library collection.

One Solution

Everything covered. When we say everything, we mean everything. That's all modules, all training, all storage, all downloads and streams. All. Covered.

SmartSuite library management system saves you time and engages your school community.

Library Management System

Adding video resources to your school's collection engages students and boost literacy rates.

TV4Education Learning Videos
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At FSI, we prioritise security, privacy, and exceptional service. Proudly Australian-owned and operated, we manage every aspect of our business from product development to hosting, training, and support. 
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We uphold the highest standards and surpass industry security protocols, and have been assessed by independent partners like ST4S.
Adding The Complete Learning Hub Package to Your Library Means

Our cataloguing module aims to streamline the cataloguing process allowing you to use SCIS and Z39.50 for quick cataloguing. It also provides tools to manage Resource Kits, loans of physical items, repairs, and stocktake, while the SmartSuite auto-cover harvester quickly finds covers for the books, movies and other items that you add.

SmartSuite paired with TV4Education

Build Your Library

Easily add any resource. Digital or physical, big or small. If you can give it a name you can easily add it to your library collection.


Highlight a subject, topic, or author. You can curate a collection for year 9 science, shine a spotlight on ANZAC day resources, and access and feature physical resources through TV4Education.

Boost Engagement

Maximise engagement with SmartSuite and TV4Education! Effortlessly access a wealth of resources and enjoy intelligent automatic recommendations for a seamless learning experience.

Promote Your Work

Share your library collection online for parents and students to see. Utilise SmartSuite reports to highlight library engagement improvements and participate in training and professional development events for added learning opportunities that result in PD certificates and other accomplishments.

TV4Education Videos Boost Engagement In Your Library


Teachers can access everything on TV4Education but students can only see age appropriate content. 


You can research your lessons from home or school and on any device. When you share a video with a student they have 24/7 access too.

The Stats

150,000+ Videos
+150 each week
All Add Free
Across 100s of subjects

Bonus Tools

Clip Editor
Easily add Q&A's To Videos
One Click YouTube Saves
YouTube "clean screen"

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“Both in my private and professional life I have never dealt with a more ethical company. This is evident at every level of personnel. They don’t give false promises. What they say they will do, they do, without exception.”

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“Customer service is exceptional. No matter how trivial my queries have been I have always been greeted politely and treated most respectfully. Problems are solved very quickly, if not immediately.”

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“When I first heard the price of SmartSuite I kept waiting for the catch, the additional invoice or surprise fee. A year after we implemented SmartSuite at our secondary school I am pleasantly surprised to find that it did include training, no per-student fees and it allowed us to replace two other systems for a fraction of the cost with SmartSuite.”

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