Press Release

2nd April 2020

This is the season for Resource Managers to shine through seemingly dark times. 

Teachers are finding themselves in unprecedented times: last year's resources are no longer available, last season's delivery mechanisms are physically impossible and identifying student comprehension is not as easy as reading facial expressions. 

Remember the eBooks that you tried to deliver to your communities? It's now their time. 

Remember the additional resource databases you invested into? It's now their time. 

Remember the reading lists you recommended for different faculties? It's now their time. 

Remember the learning pathways you embedded into your collections? It's now their time. 

Use this time to position your Resource Centre at the forefront of your school community as the centre for information and knowledge. 

Need help? Book a 30minute innovation session with our team to help you develop a deployment project to engage your school community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Quentin Fernandez

General Manager

Functional Solutions International

30th March 2020

Great news!

All our SmartSuite and TV4Education users are guaranteed no price increase in 2020 for our annual subscription and hosting services.

There are no excuses, exceptions or fine print exclusions! We are committed to education and committed to serving you.

As a matter of fact, we have waved all other charges like data conversion, installation & training costs until the 1st July 2020, when we will review the situation if COVID-19 continues.

Michael Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Functional Solutions International

27th March 2020

FSI are up and it's business as usual with all staff on board and our Data Centres operational.

We are not affected with COVID-19 and should you need any help or training all you need to do is ask.

We're also excited to announce that the latest upgrade: SmartSuite v3.0 has officially been launch. All our upgrades for the last 35 years have always been free; All you need to do is request the upgrade and we will schedule it asap and also organize free training.

Submit your request via your SmartSuite Mailbox or by speaking with one of our Customer Service team members: 03 9079 1000 ext 1. 

Michael Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Functional Solutions International

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