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14th April 2020

Its crunch time for teachers Australia wide (and globally) to migrate teaching from on-campus to off-campus classrooms.  

There are pressures to comply with this new teaching and learning environment.

To assist teachers Australia wide (and globally), we have released the easiest and most comprehensive classroom lesson builder.

Its free, cloud-based and definitely no strings attached. You are 100% in control from ownership to distribution, guaranteed!

Add your own digital objects and content. - Don’t have any educational content, not a problem, we will give you access to TV4Education with over 160,000+ educational videos across every curriculum and every year level. Our educational video library grows at a miminum of 250 new titles every week.

If you are a YouTube user, why not take advantage of our YouTube Safe functions for schools: 

Make sure that your YouTube videos, intended for learning aren't gateways to hours of unproductivity because of "Suggested Videos". 

Register your interest by Clicking Here

We go live with SmartClassrooms v3.0 this week!

Michael Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Functional Solutions International

7th April

FREE SmartClassrooms & TV4education for all teachers (no strings attached).

Supporting all teachers through these difficult times. 

The easy to use lesson creation system (SmartClassrooms) with TV4Education and YouTube integration will be released FREE and without obligation to ALL Australian teachers shortly.

If you are a teacher NOT from an Australian school, we would still like to help so don't hesitate to contact us.

You can deliver off-campus and on-campus SmartClassroom lessons to your students and track their engagement.

SmartClassrooms will integrate into any learning management system and requires zero IT support by Staff, Student or Parent.

It will be absolutely free of all cost or obligation until at least December 2020 or when COVID-19 is finished and teaching returns to normal.

If you would like more information, please register your interest by email (only education emails with school name, please).

Functional Solutions International Pty Ltd & serving the education community for more than 35 years.

Michael Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Functional Solutions International

6th April 2020

The challenge for education in this COVID-19 world is :

· How do we teach off-campus with students?
· How do we build engaging lessons?
· Where can we get world-class digital and multimedia content to communicate.
· How do we build accountability & tracking?
· How do we guarantee delivery to a diverse population with zero IT support on their end.
· How do we build accountability & tracking for teachers and students. 

At TV4Education we have been doing this for more than 9 years.

It’s definitely not a big financial commitment that will tie you down for years.

It’s easy, simple and integrates with any digital system.

Let us show you how. or 1800 241 709

Michael Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Functional Solutions International

3rd April 2020

TV4education, the digital repository (from prep to university) for on-campus and off-campus teaching and learning.

We just did an audit and 4,646,573 minutes of educational content ready to use.

That’s not including the request for lessons and content for specific topics and curriculum outcomes in excess of 20,000 items.

We are here to respond to every Education department and its teachers’ requirements for content and delivery. We also track every student’s engagement level with the content and lessons delivered.

On a lighter note, you realize it would take you almost nine years to watch everything in our ever-growing collection if we did not add anything new! We add on average of 250 new items every week.

Michael Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Functional Solutions International

2nd April 2020

In the past two weeks, our team members have spent countless hours on telephone calls and webinars understanding the rapidly changing landscape of education at ground zero. 

One comment that has stuck with me from one of my sessions was by a Head of Learning: "Teachers who were reluctant to move towards and integrate technology are now finding themselves forced into technology". 

Whilst this is the case for every teacher, primary to secondary, maths to drama, it is our responsibility as education facilitators to adapt and provide solutions to assist teachers. 

We've been overwhelmed with the feedback from teachers advising that they wished they moved towards TV4Education and SmartClassrooms sooner. 

If you haven't yet spoken with one of our team members, may I highly recommend that you do as our objective is to facilitate your teaching needs. We won't try to force you to use all 100+ features of our system but will listen, identify and advise the best parts of our solutions for your school's unique needs.
03 9079 1000 ext 1

Quentin Fernandez

General Manager

Functional Solutions International

30th March 2020

Great news!

All our SmartSuite & TV4Education users are guaranteed no price increase in 2020 for our annual subscription and hosting services.

No excuses, exceptions or fine print exclusions! We are committed to education and committed to serving you.

As a matter of fact, we have waved all other charges like Data Conversion, Installation & Training costs until the 1st July 2020, when we will review the situation if CONVID-19 continues.

Michael Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Functional Solutions International

29th March 2020

We provide world-class content from the largest educational multimedia library to teach on-campus and off-campus in these challenging times.

Our digital lesson creation module is simple and intuitive to use and deploy.

Our staff will help you integrate our content and lessons into your existing Learning Management System or assist in a standalone solution that can deliver and report on all your students' engagement and comprehension.

Michael Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Functional Solutions International

27th March 2020

TV4Education is up and it's business as usual with all staff onboard and our Data Centres operational.

We have been experiencing an increase of 300% streaming and usage as well as a spike in the request for Content, Topics and Lessons.

We have catered for extra resources to address these additional demands for our services.

Our content database is also experiencing incredible growth and our twitter account has more than tripled in the last 30 days.

If you need content from any broadcast channel or on any topic, all you need to do is just ask. We will respond in a very timely manner.

If you need help as a school or an individual, just ask and we will arrange a time that is convenient for you for a one on one discussion; that’s just part of the service and it’s all free!

Remember, we believe in no exceptions and no excuses to the service you request!

Michael Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Functional Solutions International

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