Your library’s greatest resource shouldn’t be your Library Management System or the subscription services you subscribe to, it should be you. 
That’s why SmartSuite has been developed to automate and streamline your every-day library processes, allowing you to re-connect and empower your Resource Hub. 

SmartSuite Library Management System

Automated Workflows


Chasing borrowers for overdues, counting inventory for stocktake, cataloguing metadata, downloading cover images are just some of the workflows that SmartSuite automates for you.

SmartSuite’s aim is to automate and simplify as many system duties of a librarian or library manager so you can invest more time back into analysing, resourcing and supporting your school or library community. 



Stocktake or inventory components are rarely considered when acquiring a new Library Management Solution. But, how can you Manage a library without taking count of what stock remains after a school year?

SmartSuite’s Stocktake is one of the most advanced inventory system’s on the market. - Automation is key;
Why force you to recount an item if you’ve already scanned it whilst returning it into your library?
Why cause you to close your library to your users instead of use their footsteps to count resources automatically?

Detailed financial reporting, all automatically produced at the close of a stocktake session is just another library function SmartSuite automates for librarians and library managers. 

Student Engagement Tools


Engage your students with your resources by integrating their search experience with global and peer reviews.

Using peer reviews, students from your school can:
View reviews by your title
View reviews by other users
Follow reviewers within your community
Receive notifications of new reviews
See recommendations based of review history
And more to help guide their decision-making when reserving or borrowing resources. 

Stand out from the crowd with user tailorable system


SmartSuite is the industries most tailorable platform for libraries.

Customise backgrounds, shortcut links, content and logos on each and every page.

Why not create a new page instead of using one of the system generated pages?

What’s more, turn features on and off as required:
Don’t want to allow reservations right now? - turn it off…
Want to allow students to review books within the community? - turn it on.

It’s your system, your way. 

Federated Search (Global Search)


Wish all the expensive subscription databases you subscribe to were being used more by your community?

SmartSuite can provide results from all of your subscriptions into 1, familiar results page.

What’s more, your user’s don’t need to log into your subscription services, it’s already done by SmartSuite at the time of the search. - Easy, Smart searching

In addition, SmartSuite’s integrated platform allows users to short-list websites, collaborate with other users on lists, formulate bibliographies using automatically harvested website metadata and more.

That’s just for your users, ask us what we also do automatically for administrators to help promote, build & enrich your collection. 

Sounds too good but, when I sign up, how can I learn everything in SmartSuite? 


Don’t worry, FSI doesn’t hide costs.

That’s why, our annual subscriptions are all inclusive.

There are no add on modules - because everything is already included.
There is no additional costs for training - because everything is already included.
There is no additional cost for PD & Networking events - because everything is already included.

In addition to personalised introductory training and literature, FSI hosts a wealth of upskilling events both online & in person. These events are 100% included in your subscription, all you need to do is come along (and take notes).

Don’t believe us? Contact us now, we’d love to show you through the FSI difference. 

Ready to find out more or need pricing?
Let us know and a team member will be in touch asap.

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