Teaching is more than just classroom presentation, so why choose a lesson delivery platform that just delivers content? 
SmartClassrooms provides more tools to create, deliver, moderate and engage your teachers lessons with less effort.
Saving time in preparation, view more metrics to assess student comprehension and ultimately provide enhanced student learning. 

SmartClassroom - digital teaching tool for lessons

Easy to use


Halve your teachers lesson preparation time with SmartClassrooms.

Need to upload your own worksheet, embed a website, reference a library book or simply type some instructions, all available at the click of 1 button.

Direct integration with Australia’s largest video content library (TV4Ed), provides your teachers with over 6,500,000 hours of educational content to select and embed into their lesson. 

Focus the learning

SmartClassrooms - easy for teachers, easy for students

Online Video Editor allows your staff to legally clip, chapterise, edit Videos, Vodcasts and YouTube content.

All editing is instant, no rendering, no waiting for the edited program to become available, your students can access the newly editing clip as soon as you click save.

Worried about students becoming distracted with the learning content you’ve posted? - Hide the content from the student view until you’re ready for them to access the content on their BYOx. 

Audience Engagement Monitoring

SmartClassrooms Engagement

Suspect the giggling students at the back of the class aren’t focusing on your lesson?

At the click of a button, SmartClassroom can notify you which students are actively engaging with the lesson & which students have minimised your lesson or are browsing other websites (or games).

Remotely close that students access to your lesson & SmartClassrooms will print a paper-based lesson outline for the same lesson.

Interactive Classroom Tools 

SmartClassroom Engages Students

Track student understanding live using Results Reporting.

One-Click will give you live metrics to help you understand your students, their level of learning & their level of understanding in your teaching topic.

Results Reporting also gives your teachers the tools to run “Timed Q&A” without the requirement to purchase expensive Student Clickers. 

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