Thousands of interactive lessons on everything from Shakespeare and job interviews to mental health, robotics and physics. 

SmartSuite Library Management System

What are SmartLessons?


"Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification." - Martin H. Fischer

SmartLessons are simple, impacting lessons that will engage your students and enthuse your teachers. 

Supports your 
digital pedagogy

Our lessons utilise the latest online technology to create, deliver, track and engage your students. 

Using guided tutorials, it also supports your staff through every process.  

Any device

Whether you are a BYOD, BYOx, 1:1 or a technology free school, SmartClassrooms will work for you. 

With innovations to support all types of lesson delivery, SmartLessons has you covered. 

Integrates with
all education
software suites
& e-mail systems

SmartLessons integrates with any platform capable of saving a URL.

Launch the lesson from your existing learning management system and track engagement and progress.


Your teachers can now ask our learning advisors for a lesson to be created on any
- Curriculum outcome
- Curriculum Code
- Topic
- Subject

And we'll create it for you.

Time Saving

Don't have time to create a lesson? 

Request any lesson to be created by our team of
in-house learning advisors and we'll do the work for you.

Live Metrics

All SmartLessons come with a suite of live metrics showcasing attendance, understanding, speed and comprehension from any web-enabled device.

Providing teachers with more useful data to react and present the most engaging learning environments. 

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