Your library’s greatest resource isn’t your library management system or subscription services, it’s you. 

That’s why SmartSuite has been developed to automate and streamline your everyday library processes, allowing you to re-connect and empower your Resource Hub. 

SmartSuite Library Management System

Designed by librarians, for librarians.

SmartSuite has taken advantage of the greatest resource available, our customers. 

28+ years dedicated to the library automation market has seen our customer base grow extensively. With this growth we've discovered new features, workflows, requirements and designs all because our customers asked and we kept the line of communication open. 

Our partnership of library consultants then assisted our research and development team to develop a tangible product.

The result? A system that has already answered the questions you're asking of your current subscription.  

Automated Workflows

SmartSuite’s aim is to automate and simplify as many system duties of a librarian or library manager as possible.

This leaves you more time to invest back into analysing, resourcing and supporting your school or library community.

Federated Search

The most innovative federated search on the market. 

SmartSuite doesn't just show results from multiple databases on one page (not multiple browser tabs), it automatically authenticates your users so they don't have to log in to each database.

And that's just the beginning


Stocktake components are rarely considered when acquiring a new Library Management Solution. But how can you manage a library without taking count of what stock is damaged, or lost after a school year?

SmartSuite’s Stocktake is one of the most advanced inventory systems on the market. Automation is key.

The industry's most customisable platform


Customisable Homepages

Customisable Shortcuts

Customisable Shortcuts

Customisable Catalogue

Customisable Catalogue


Customisable Reports


Customisable Search Pages


Customisable Themes & Backgrounds

The SmartSuite Advantage

100% web-based

No apps

No app updates

No setup on new devices

SmartSuite works on any device, out of the box.

Engage your
students with
social tools                        

Without students, libraries would simply be rooms of books.

SmartSuite has adopted a host of tools your students already use on social networking platforms to re-engage them with your collection.

Platinum level

No add-ons available, because they're already include.

SmartSuite is a platinum level library management system with an affordable price tag.

Integrates with
all education
software suites
and e-mail systems

SmartSuite integrates with any platform capable of saving a URL.

Post reading lists to your school's learning management platform.

Share reviews using your school's mailbox groups to encourage reading.

System monitoring
& alerts

SmartSuite's A.I. monitors and automated workflows ensures you don't need to be responsible for the mundane tasks.

SmartSuite will attempt to automate as many functions as possible and will only notify you of issues or functions it cannot perform. 

ICT Approved

SmartSuite requires zero support from local ICT technicians. 

As long as an internet connection and an internet browser is available, SmartSuite will run. 

No installation of any kind is required. 

Accessible 24/7

- Anywhere
- Any time
- On any device

What's more, all data (whether viewed from the Search, Circulation or Catalogue screens) is live. 

No scheduled syncs are needed from a local caching server. 


All our products are hosted on our own proprietary data centres. 

This means that we can guarantee where your data is at any time, including data centre backups.

It also means no uncontrollable overheads are passed onto you as the customer. Where other system costs are dictated by your internet usage or hosting fees, SmartSuite is not, guaranteeing your peace of mind. 

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