Always On and Always Accessible

Providing your end-clients with an intuitive experience that they expect, starts with an online, on demand platform

At any time, end-clients can reach for their phones and search for anything, from articles to videos. 

Whilst most major library management systems are hosted, this doesn't mean they are always on and always accessible. 


Live is different to hosted

Does your system require a server or a computer to be installed on your network? 

If so, this requires synchronisations to occur between local and hosted servers to maintain collections (and let's not mention the internet bandwidth required to do so). 

These synchronisations aren't live, which means end-clients searching the collection through the solutions hosted app or web search aren't viewing correct information (e.g. available holdings, updated metadata, search information). 

SmartSuite is 100% live, which means as soon as you click Save or transact an asset, it's straight away reflected in all end-client portals. 



In an age where our mobile phones are 32,600x faster than that of the computers from the Apollo Space Program, we've been conditioned to expect information quickly. 

SmartSuite has been designed to eliminate any hindrance which would contradict an on-demand experience

- Simple screens requiring little time to become familiar with and navigate. 

- A.I.'s to predict results based on relevance. 

- Suggestion lists.

- Tools for administrators to create Discovery Centres rather than a search catalogue.

- No installation required to get started

Just like using Google, browse to a URL and start searching, reading, streaming, discovering, researching and learning.


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