Cataloguing made simple

SmartSuite Cataloguing

Keeping cataloguing simple, to allowing you more time for the other library tasks. 

One-click cataloguing

Whether you are in Catalogue, zCatalogue, your AV Library (e.g. TV4Education) or Federated Search, click one button and SmartSuite will catalogue the book, website, AV File or image directly into your catalogue.

Build your resource library simply and quickly. 

Automated housekeeping

Zero housekeeping needed to maintain a clean and relevant database.

SmartSuite's intelligence constantly monitors your collection for redundant keywords, subjects and authority files and automatically cleans out any which are no longer needed.

Auto-cover harvester

One less function to complete whilst cataloguing.

Every ISBN in your collection is automatically connected to the latest image made available for that resource.

Simply catalogue the book and let SmartSuite do the rest.

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