The most frequently used module is now even easier to use

Circulating (transacting) books and assets is fundamental to any functioning library. 

That's why SmartSuite's circulation modules are easier to use, but more comprehensive than any other system on the market. 



SmartSuite's self-circulation has been designed to ensure primary students, secondary students, tertiary students and teachers are able to transact without requiring training. 

Simplified screens with on-screen prompts instruct your clients every step of the way, to ensure no mistakes are made. 

If there are any errors, the system will require an administrator to verify the error before the borrower can continue (just like a supermarket self checkout kiosk). 



Whilst incorporating everything you would expect from a library system's circulation module, SmartSuite takes it a step further to provide additional features, such as: 

- Claimed returns: To keep track of those resources which aren't yet lost, but have been claimed returned by a borrower.

- Circulation by title: Ever had those instances where a teacher runs out the door and says "I'm just grabbing this resource, I hope that's ok?" SmartSuite now allows you to circulate by searching and clicking, rather than only by barcode.

- Detailed reporting: Everything from overdue lists and circulation slips to borrowing histories and usage reports is one-click away in circulation. 


RFID Checkout, RFID Card and Biometrics Supported

SmartSuite circulation modules integrate with all RFID checkout and self checkout systems. 

Whether your library has a full RFID setup with security gates and self-check out units or simply an RFID card reader, SmartSuite seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure for a world class, end user experience. 


Mobile Ready

No longer are you required to be tied to a desk. 

Many SmartSuite librarians will stand at the library exit with an iPad and scanner, loaning and returning resources as clients leave the library. 

We even have some librarians that roam around the school with their smartphones and a trolley to collect and return books from students throughout the day. 

What's more, because SmartSuite doesn't require the installation of any apps to be installed, your smart device is already ready for SmartSuite today. 


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