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Myth: "Your end clients will be attracted to your library because your home page is pretty and full of information."
- Other library systems

Our research has shown that your clients aren't engaged by a library because their software solution has a thumbnail view or has lots of links and information on the homepage. 

They're engaged because they've had a reason to come to your library space, either searching for novels, researching assignments or to watch movies / documentaries / TV Series. 

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Truth: "They come back to your library because your system is intuitive and personalised"
- SmartSuite

Imagine a system that allows you to tailor each page to create a highly personalised experience for your end-clients.

If you're a primary school, create moving Super Mario backgrounds with simplified button searching.

If you're a secondary school, create a Google or Facebook-like page with clean white backgrounds and tabs for extra buttons and features.

If you're both, why not create 2 different pages for the 2 different clients?

SmartSuite is a system where each screen gives you the ability to customise: 
- Backgrounds
- Options in the shortcuts bar
- Options in the menu
- CSS Skins
- Logos
and more...

Bring your Library Management System into alignment with your institution's branding instead of advertising you vendor's brand. 


The industry's most customisable platform


Customisable Homepages

Customisable Shortcuts

Customisable Shortcuts

Customisable Catalogue

Customisable Search Pages


Customisable Themes & Backgrounds


Customisable Functions


Customised User Engagement Tools

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