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Question: "What are the most popular platforms your end-clients use every day?"

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google should come to mind. 

What do all these platforms have in common?


- Connections between users.
- Connections between results.
- Connections between users and results. 

FSI's research and development team have invested thousands of hours over the past 10 years developing a system which integrates these 3 factors into your library's collection. 


Connections between users

Today's digital landscape is covered in platforms allowing an individual's voice, opinions and personality to be expressed:

"How many people liked my comment" 
"Should I engage with that resource, what have other people said about it" 
"What should I read next, let's see what my friends are reading" 

The more a user can voice their opinions in a safe environment, the more they will be inclined to revisit the platform. 

Additionally, with SmartSuite's Artificial Intelligence (built over 30+ years in libraries and education) your SmartSuite - Library won't be the platform for online bullying. 


Connections between results

All library systems should connect each result with similar results based on genre, authors or topics. 

SmartSuite goes further and connects each of the records you catalogue automatically with online resources: 

- eBook previews
- Live results on author's biographies
- Global reviews
- Online articles on similar searches

With SmartSuite's List Builder, your end-clients can build personalised lists collating all these resources and results into one simple list for later review.


Connections between users and results

As your clients begin engaging and creating their personal profiles on your collection, SmartSuite connects similarly reviewed books by friends to user's personal suggestion lists. 

If your end-clients haven't built personal profiles, we've got that covered too.

lets imagine this scenario: 

- The user searches for a topic.

- They find an interesting book and look for other books written by the same author in the library.

- They haven't found anything of interest, so they change the results tab and view all the online eBooks available.

- They download an eBook and begin reading.

Meanwhile, the library administrator hasn't had to connect, link, catalogue or process any additional steps except for cataloguing one book. SmartSuite's automation kicks in to expand your collection beyond the four walls of your library. 


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