Stocktake made simple


So simple, it even counts your 
stock by itself.  

How can a computer system count my stock? 

Artificial Intelligence

SmartSuite's A.I.'s continually learn and adapt to streamline your processes as a librarian or library. 

Based off your libraries activities, SmartSuite learns your borrowers behaviours and can account for Lost, On Loan or Available resources without you having to scan anything into stocktake. 

Simply open a stocktake session and allow SmartSuite to do the rest. 

Stocktake supported on multiple devices


No extension cables for laptops and trolleys

Take your mobile to the shelf and view your inventory real-time. 


No more uploading of barcodes from a scanner required

No more uploading hundreds of barcodes into the system and then running reports to see lost / incorrectly placed books. 

View all information in real-time as you scan.


Financial reports

Apart from standard stocktake reports, SmartSuite includes a host of Financial Reports designed specifically to report to Business Managers on stock movements. 

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