TV4Ed just works. Integration and implementation is easy. 

BYOD or 1:1 TV4Education works with schools that have all kinds of technology policies.

Our solution fits into your needs, not the other way round.

As an app free solution, TV4Education is as simple as "load and go", on any device.

Flipped or Blended Learning TV4Education includes a whole host of digital learning tools. Create digital lessons and interactive classroom activities. Challenge students who race ahead, while monitoring students who are struggling - all from the same lesson.

What if a student has forgotten their laptop? All our digital lessons convert to printable activities so they can buddy up with a friend or follow the lesson presentation style.

Need to integrate TV4Ed with a learning management system or library management system? Let us show you how.

Training is free and unlimited with TV4Education. Anyone from your school can register for any of our training sessions and we will always do a training session, just for your school, whenever you need one.



TV4Education works on every device.

What's even better, you're ICT team don't need to install anything in order for TV4Education to work. 

Teachers can search videos, students can play content & administrators can audit without installing anything. 

Training is free

We do all the training and we do it your way. 

Train the faculty. 

Train the trainor. 

Self-paced training. 

It's all offered, you just need to register or ask and we can organise it for you. 

(And... it's all included) 

Talk to us now for a free demonstration

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