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TV4Education is the biggest educational video library available to schools. We also have the biggest range of educational channels and sources and learning tools like engagement reporting, digital lessons, video lessons and research assistants for lesson preparation.


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TV4Education's video library is made up of premium learning content produced by leading national and international educators.

High-budget educational video producers such as NASA, The History Channel, TED and My Life in Year 12 are also available through TV4Education, ensuring your staff have access to the widest variety of content in one location. 

What is TV4Education?


Australia's Largest Video Library

More than 150,000 video titles and over 6,500,000 hours of playback time.


Most Current

300+ titles added to the library each week.
Keeping the library current with the latest educational requirements and trends.


Advertisement Free

Nothing worse than trying to show a clip in class when an ad appears. 

TV4Education guarantees no adverts (even from YouTube content).  


High Definition

High definition content means your students are always engaged, even if played on a projector in class. 


Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is available on any free-to-air or cable TV channel.


Study Guides

Our teacher resources range from study guides for videos and worksheets for curriculum outcomes to content playlists including interactive games, websites and other media. 

The TV4Education Difference

The biggest and the best with over 150,000+ educational videos. 

TV4Ed has the best collection of STEM videos for schools

At TV4Education, we pride ourselves on being Australia's largest video resource library- but where do our videos come from?
We record TV and videos from over 100 video sources. This includes but is NOT limited to free to air channels and Foxtel channels as well as a number of premium educational content providers.
Every video on TV4Education is ad free, every single time, and no request is off limits.
That's 150,000 videos to start with plus more every single day.

Saving teachers time

TV4Ed videos save teachers time

TV4Education customers can choose from a selection of new videos every single day.
We know that teachers are already incredibly busy.
As a TV4Education customer you can request programs off free to air TV or premium sources, or you can request suggested videos for a topic, subject or curriculum code.
That's why we offer our research team to your school community: to find the best video resources for your needs, not just for the subject.

Curriculum Matched

TV4Ed Videos - Curriculum matched

Our videos are matched to the Australian Curriculum, and you can request videos for any curriculum subject or code and receive a reply to your inbox within 48 hours.
Browse subjects and themes with ease, thanks to the easy to navigate subject search buttons. 

YouTube Management - Keep your videos safe and educational

TV4Ed makes youtube use safe and productive

It's a fact that over 80% of Aussie teachers now use YouTube to benefit their classrooms. Help to build a library of educational resources for your school while also keeping your staff and students safe by showing YouTube videos in "safe" mode, without external ads or inappropriate suggested videos or comments.

Curated YouTube

TV4Ed's educational youtube library

YouTube has some incredible teachers creating video lessons and classroom tools. We've created a library just for those videos and matched them to curriculum subjects, age groups and interest areas.
Search over 50,000 videos in this library and know that each and every video is safe to play in the classroom and has practical, educational content.

No restrictions on teachers


Never run out of video storage.
Each teacher has their own page, "My Items". Here they can save the videos they love, create lessons and share videos with students and teachers. They'll never run out of space to store their TV4Education videos - ever!

Never miss a program.
Request any free to air program from the last 70 days, and we will get it to you ad free, everytime. Request any Foxtel program 48 hours in advance, and it's yours, ad free. Not sure when a program aired? Just ask and our research team will work their magic and find it for you.

Shared knowledge.
Every video, topic or curriculum code request that we find video content for is shared with every TV4Education customer. That means if you're a Year 8 Math teacher you can see what Year 8 Math teachers all over Australia are using in their classrooms.

TV4Ed just works. Integration and implementation is easy.


 BYOD or 1:1 TV4Education currently works with schools that have all kids of technology policies. Our solution fits into your needs, not the other way round.
Apple or PC Apple? PC? Both? As an app free solution, TV4Education is as simple as "load and go", on any device.
Flipped or Blended Learning TV4Education includes a whole host of digital learning tools. Create digital lessons and interactive classroom activities. Challenge students who race ahead, while monitoring students who are struggling - all from the same lesson.
Smart Boards, Projectors, Paper and Pens Smart boards? TV4Education just works. Projectors? Just works. What if a student has forgotten their laptop? All our digital lessons convert to printable activities so they can buddy up with a friend or follow the lesson presentation style.
Integration Need to integrate TV4Ed with a learning management system or library management system? Let us show you how.
Training Training is free and unlimited with TV4Education. Anyone from your school can register for any of our training sessions and we will always do a training session, just for your school, whenever you need one.

Ready to use lessons

Lessons come with a TV4Ed subscription

TV4Education organisation subscriptions include access to SmartLessons at no additional cost. 

DIY Lesson Builder

SmartClassroom by FSI

Want to clip videos yourself? Or create digital lessons with TV4Ed videos, websites, library resources and more? SmartClassroom comes with TV4Ed. It's easy for teachers to use and easy for students to engage with.

Interactive Lessons

- Edit videos online
- Monitor audience engagement
- Track attendance
- Upload worksheets
- Embed interactive games
- Collaborate with other teachers

More affordable than you think

"We believe education is a right.
That's why our prices aren't aimed for the elite."

Michael Fernandez - Chief Executive Office (FSI)

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