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TV4Education is a secure and ad-free streaming service designed specifically for educational communities. TV4Education features a wide range of videos spanning up to 15 years ago to the most current content added new weekly. Accessible online, it provides an intuitive platform for schools to conveniently access educational materials on demand.

Free to air TV

Access any program from over 30+ free-view channels on-demand. This includes local sporting events, AFL, Rugby and Olympics coverage.

Free-To-Air Content

Foxtel TV

Access any program from over 190+ Premium Subscription channels ad-free. This includes movies, specialist language channels and more.

Foxtel Content

Partnership Content

TV4Education continuously enriches our video library with new videos every week from the most well known and sort after educational content creators.

Partnership Content

Instantly Increase Your School's Educational Resources by 150,000+ Items

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Easy to Use,
Easy to Roll Out

Transitioning to TV4Education is seamless for your staff and students, especially if they're familiar with platforms like Netflix or YouTube, thanks to its intuitive interface. Our team ensures a smooth rollout by providing comprehensive support, including tailored professional development sessions and training opportunities. 

With our guidance, there's no pressure on IT or heads of departments to introduce a new software, ensuring your team's success in leveraging our educational resources effectively. We are not just another online company, your success is our success.

The Complete Learning Hub Package

A Library Management System like no other. It's simple to use, intuitive and intelligent, learning and anticipating your needs and preferences. It has been designed to efficiently handle both physical and digital assets.

Combined with TV4Education video resources, you gain immediate access to over 150,000 items, significantly expanding your school's library collection.

Find Content for All Your Lessons in One Place

TV4Education offers a diverse range of videos covering various curriculum subjects and interest areas, catering to different age groups and learning styles.

Curriculum Subjects

Secure. Reliable.

We take security very seriously which is why TV4Education is ST4S assessed and authorised by external partners. From our internal operations to the way TV4Education looks in your students hands, security is a always priority.

TV4Education Educational Videos

Intelligent Suggestions

Every time you search or stream videos TV4Education adapts to your preferences and interests. By analysing your viewing history, search habits, and favoured topics, TV4Education customises its suggestions to offer you tailored results.

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150,000 videos to start with. Plus 150 new videos added every week. The more videos on offer, the more students you can engage. 

Why Video?

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Directly Improve Literacy Rates

Videos enhance literacy rates by engaging students of all learning styles, fostering better comprehension and retention.

We've worked for and with Australian Libraries and Educators for over 30 years. Our solutions are embedded with their requests and ideas.