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TV4Education Video Content

TV4Education is Australia's largest educational video library, boasting over 150,000 video titles, ready to use in your classrooms today. 

Our library continues to grow every week by over 200 video titles, carefully selected by our Learning Advisors and requested by teachers all over Australia. 

There's no limitation on storage or views and is 100% covered by your educational copyright license (Screenrights). 


Recording 24/7/365

We capture every
program that's aired on freeview.

We also remove all the advertisements so when you click play, there's no distractions to your students learning.  

Foxtel Platinum

Over 50 premium channels now available through your TV4Education Subscription. 

National Geographic
BBC Earth
The History Channel
Animal Planet
Movie Channels

and more, all ready to watch directly in your classrooms. 

Premium Educational 

Partnering with national and international producers, TV4Education brings you the most relevant, educational content for the Australian Curriculum. 

My life in year x
Princess Productions

Curated YouTube

Our learning advisors are constantly searching YouTube for the best educational content creators. 

Mapped to subject areas and curriculum codes, YouTube content has never been simpler than with TV4Education. 

TV4Education Supplementary Content

Worksheets, Online Reference Articles, Interactive Q&A's and Downloadables are just some of the supplementary content that's available through TV4Education.

Mapped directly to ACARA and kept up to date to ensure your students are engaged with the most relevant learning material and activities. 

There's no limitation on how many TV4Ed Supplementary objects you can store within your workspace, taking away all the stress of managing your online storage so you can focus on teaching. 

Teacher Worksheets

Simple teacher guides to help you teach the most engaging lessons.

Student Worksheets

Student worksheets linked to interactive content available from within the TV4Education library.

(All with correction sheets for teachers)

Program Guides

Tailored program guides issued monthly, recommending the best content for the next term of the curriculum.

Video Playlists

Topical playlists hand picked by TV4Education Learning Advisors on curriculum objectives and educational topics. 

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