Research Assistants

Our research department is available for your teachers.

Research Assistants

Your teachers can reach out to our research assistants at any time through our systems chat system. 

Ask them: 

Need help locating a program from free to air? 

Our research team can help locate a program from the past, present or future. 

Simply ask and we'll get it for you. 

TV4Education has access to thousands of premium video content ranging from: 
- National Geographic
- Teacher partners
- Podcasters
- University content (e.g. UCLA and Stamford University)
- Publishers such as Princess Pictures
and more

Can't find the title you're after, reach out to our research team and we'll locate a copy for you. 

Know that you need to teach a topic, to a particular class, all with varying learning abilities. 

Don't stress, reach out to our research assistants and let them know: 
- Your topic
- Style of video 
- Age group 

And we'll source the best content for you to choose from. 

Need help preparing an engaging lesson with questions, answers, learning content and videos? 

We can help, all you need to do is ask. 

Research Assistants

Talk to us today!

No matter your requirements, we can help.