Our Mission:

Lead our industries in customer experience focused support
provide smarter software solutions for everyday processes. 


Michael Fernandez established Functional Solutions in the 1990's.

Prior to FSI, Michael had more than 10 years experience in IT hardware and software consulting for companies such as Nissan Motor Manufacturing - Australia, Stock Horse Society - Australia, Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Government of Naru.

Today, Michael is still FSI's Chief Executive Officer and is actively involved in supporting customers within all our product lines.

Michael doesn't believe in managing from behind a desk. He contributes the innovations in product design and customer service to his active customer involvement. 

Michael was asked to consult on a Library Management System for the school where his three children attended in Mount Waverley, Victoria.

The software was going to cost the school in excess of $30,000 for a DOS-based library management system, so Michael offered to build a Library Management System for free if they waited 4 weeks.

The system was delivered 4 weeks later and the librarian was so impressed that she gave a copy of the software to another librarian, who then passed it onto another librarian.

Before long, Michael saw a need to dedicate himself to the school library industry and provide training, support and system upgrades for FSI's first generation library management system:
FILMS (Functional Integrated Library Management System).

The FSI model was born:
- $0 up-front licensing costs
- 1x flat annual maintenance fee
- All upgrades and updates included
- All Professional Development events included
- All manuals included
- All on-board training included

We are a team of individuals with a common purpose: to ensure that education is accessible to all.

We focus on 2 main industries:
1) Library Management Systems (organisation and delivery of resources and assets)

2) Educational content (modern, engaging, digital lessons and support material for students AND teachers)

Our unique position in the industry allows us to bring specialist insight across two seperate industries, where other companies cannot.

For example, our in-house library specialists mentor and consult with our content team on metadata and cataloguing for searchability and accessibility.

We are, Functional Solutions International.

Our Mission

Lead our industries in customer experience focused support
Provide smarter software solutions for everyday processes.

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