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With over 28 years experience, Functional Solutions International's suite of products and teacher services provides your school with the most affordable and functional solutions to everyday classroom and library tasks.

Our commitment to Australian schools during the COVID-19 outbreak:
As always, our team's number one priority is equipping teachers with content and tools that raise student outcomes.
During this time we are specifically focused on supporting teachers in any and every way that we can. 


- Unlimited one-on-one phone support.
- Unlimited email support.
- Unlimited training.
- Unlimited PD sesssions.


- Curriculum linked interactive lessons.
- New video content added daily.
- Video clipping tools.


- Easy share links for students.
- Engagement Reporting.
- Outcome Reporting.

Uncapped Storage

Each teacher is able to store limitless TV4Education videos and lessons in their "My Items" space. 

Set up in less than 24 hours

Do you need easy to use Curriculum matched multimedia content and lessons?
Have your teachers up and running in less than 24 hours.

Dedicated to education for over 28 years 

We're invested to ensure students have access to learning via quality software and content. 

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