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Everything we do at FSI revolves around this principle. Our dedication to delivering cutting-edge software at the most accessible cost, along with unparalleled support & training, consistently reinforces this foundational value.

"Education is a right, and definitely not a privilege. "
- Michael Fernandez, CEO and Founder. 

Library Management

SmartSuite Library Management System

Empowering Libraries and enhancing literacy. Your all-in-one solution for effortless management, designed for the end user, loved by educators and librarians.

TV4Education Educational Videos

TV4Education Video Library

A safe place to quickly and easily find ad-free videos from Free-To-Air and Foxtel TV for your staff and students to stream.

SmartSuite and TV4Education

The Learning Hub Package

Enhance your school's resources with SmartSuite Library Management, designed to efficiently handle both physical and digital assets. Combined with TV4Education video resources, you gain immediate access to over 150,000 items, significantly expanding your school's library collection.

What's New?

SmartSuite V4.1

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of SmartSuite v4.1, an upgraded version of our cutting-edge library management system. Designed to embrace the future of libraries, SmartSuite v4.1 introduces enhanced intelligence features that revolutionise user experience. This upgrade goes beyond conventional library management, incorporating advanced algorithms to learn user preferences and behaviour. By analysing these insights, SmartSuite can intelligently suggest resources tailored to individual interests, fostering deeper engagement with the library's offerings. We know that by keeping users actively involved, we not only enrich their library experience but also contribute to the broader goal of improving literacy rates. SmartSuite v4.1 is more than just an upgrade; it's a leap forward towards a smarter, more responsive library ecosystem.

It's the future of libraries.

SmartSuite allows faster library searches

Who is FSI?

Established over 30 years ago, FSI has been dedicated to making education accessible to all through:

- Library Management Systems
- Educational Video Library
- DIY Lesson Builder
- Simple and Engaging Solutions
- Affordable Hosting and Subscription Fees

Hear from FSI's founder and CEO on the story behind who we are. 

We've worked for and with Australian Libraries and Educators for over 30 years. Our solutions are embedded with their requests and ideas.