Lessons that go with you


Free educational videos included with every subscription


Add, clip and play YouTube content seamlessly


Lessons in your workspace


Your lessons with any user, from any school, at your discretion


Create, share and report
on any device, from
anywhere and at anytime. 

Less than a cup of coffee

Cancel anytime

  • Create digital lessons
  • Unlimited storage for your workspace
  • Unlimited access to TV4Education's video library
  • Edit YouTube and TV4Education videos
  • Add Q&A
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Cancel anytime

Why is it so simple?

1. Create

Create your lessons using: 

  • Educational video content from TV4Education
  • YouTube videos
  • Uploaded worksheets, images and websites etc
  • Written text
  • Multiple choice, True-False and Missing Word questions
  • and so much more...

2. Share 

Share with students

Copy your lesson URL into an email, school management system or blog. 

All secured with a lesson pin to ensure your lessons are only accessed by the right people. 

Share with colleagues

Want to collaborate with colleagues? 

As long as they have a MyLessons account you can collaborate, online, in real time. 

Printable or Online

Are you in a low-technology class? 

Simply, click "Print" and MyLessons formats your entire lesson into a printable version for your students. 

Total control

Close, duplicate or delete any lesson in your workspace, leaving you in total control whether you're assessing your students or moving schools.

3. Report




View or print results from any lesson including:
- Individual user marks
- Who attended your lesson
- How engaged participants were with your lesson
and more. 

All results are stored for the life of your lesson with MyLessons. 


Your lessons go with you

Your resources, lessons and activities stay with you. 

  • Whether you move schools
  • Whether your school changes management systems
  • Whether you go on leave

Seamlessly integrate with:


School management systems

Link your lesson, resources or activities directly into your schools' existing management system. 

No need to recreate the lesson each time you move schools. 



MyLessons is native to students and their devices. 

Send them the link and allow them to click and explore your lesson, activity or resources.  

Ease of use


Share your lessons with other teams simply via email. 

Your colleagues don't need a MyLessons account to access your lessons, resources and activities. 

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