SmartClassrooms is an interactive lesson platform with a wealth of teacher collaboration and student engagement tools.

All designed to support the transition of traditional classroom teaching modes into modern teaching modes.

SmartSuite Library Management System

Digital pedagogy 

SmartClassrooms supports the transition of traditional classroom teaching modes into modern teaching modes.

SmartClassrooms is conspicuously aware that the mighty pen and paper will never be superseded. As a result, we have integrated many tools that support conventional teaching as well as online and flipped modes.

That's why SmartClassrooms has been so widely accepted and implemented across schools Australia wide. 

Live Metrics

Until SmartClassrooms, teachers had to wait to mark a students test or comprehension activity to measure the level of understanding.

Now with SmartClassrooms, teachers can view live metrics showcasing attendance, understanding, speed and comprehension from any web-enabled device.

This provides teachers with more useful data to react and present the most engaging learning environments. 

Time Saving

Don't have time to create a lesson? 
SmartClassrooms includes a subscription to SmartLessons.

View and use a library of lessons already used by teachers across Australia. 

Request any lesson to be created by our team of
in-house learning advisors and we'll do the work for you.

What does a SmartClassrooms classroom look like?

100% web-based

No apps

No app updates

No setup on new devices

No excuse

Engage students
with modern content                       

SmartClassrooms comes connected to Australia's largest content library: TV4Education

This means from within the SmartClassrooms platform, teachers can search and add videos from a selection of over 150,000 titles. 

Deliver any
digital resource

As long as your teaching material is of a digital format, SmartClassrooms can host AND deliver it, natively to your student's devices. 

This includes images, videos, worksheets, websites, adobe files and more

Integrates with
all education
software suites
& e-mail systems

SmartClassrooms integrates with any platform capable of saving a URL.

Launch the lesson from your existing learning management system and track engagement and progress through SmartClassrooms. 

Total Control

Want to present sensitive teaching material to the projector but not to the student's devices? 

Want to control which slide all student devices are viewing? 

Want to see who's engaging with your lesson and who isn't? 

Want to deactivate your lesson for those students not engaging? 

All possible with SmartClassrooms.

ICT Approved

SmartClassrooms requires zero support from local ICT technicians. 

As long as an internet connection and an internet browser is available, SmartClassrooms will deliver your lessons. 

No installation of any kind required. 

Accessible 24/7

- Anywhere
- Any time
- On any device

Set flipped classroom activities, tasks during school excursions or even tasks for students away sick. 

SmartClassrooms will deliver and track your lesson. 


All our products are hosted on our own proprietary data centres. 

This means that we can guarantee where your data is at any time, including data centre backups.

It also means no uncontrollable overheads are being passed onto you as the customer. Where other system costs are dictated by your internet usage or hosting fees, SmartSuite is not, guaranteeing your peace of mind. 

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