Delivering your lessons

Introducing SmartClassrooms v3.0

Simple to use

Teachers require zero training to build lessons.

Students require zero training to interact with lessons.

We know you don't believe us, contact us for a free demonstration.

Works on Any Device

No need to install anything to create, present or access a lesson.

Supports blended classes

Designed to provide flexibility for teachers. 

One lesson can be delivered multiple ways. 

For Example:
- Teacher presenting on a smart-board
- Students answering questions on a SmartClassrooms worksheets
- Students accessing question in-class on laptops
- Students accessing content from home on their iPad

Student Results

View student progress and results live.

Doesn't matter whether they are on-campus or off-campus. 

Student engagement tracking

Monitor if your students are on-line and engaging with your lesson.

Integrates with all learning management systems

Easily link your SmartClassrooms activity with your learning management system.

Free Resources

SmartClassrooms comes free with over 160,000 educational videos to use for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education from TV4Education.

What does a SmartClassrooms classroom look like?

100% web-based

No apps

No software

No setup

Engage students
with modern content                       

SmartClassrooms comes connected to Australia's largest content library: TV4Education

This means from within the SmartClassrooms platform, teachers can search and add videos from a selection of over 160,000 titles. 

Deliver any
digital resource

As long as your teaching material is of a digital format, SmartClassrooms can host AND deliver it, natively to your student's devices. 

This includes images, videos, worksheets, websites, adobe files and more

Seamless integration

SmartClassrooms seamlessly integrations with all educational software suites.

ICT Approved

SmartClassrooms requires zero support from local ICT technicians.

As long as an internet connection and an internet browser is available, SmartClassrooms will deliver your lessons.

No installation of any kind required. 

Accessible 24/7

- Anywhere
- Any time
- On any device

Set flipped classroom activities, tasks during school excursions or even tasks for students away sick.

SmartClassrooms will deliver and track your lesson. 


All our products are hosted on our own proprietary data centres.

This means that we can guarantee where your data is at any time, including data centre backups.

It also means no uncontrollable overheads are being passed onto you as the customer. Where other system costs are dictated by your internet usage or hosting fees, SmartSuite is not, guaranteeing your peace of mind. 

Teacher network

Access to FSI's network of teachers and research assistants. 

Struggling to design a lesson?
- View lessons we've created for other teachers.
- View lessons we've created for national curriculum outcomes.
- Access discussions on hot topics raised by teachers.

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